Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spearfishing on The North Coast

Spearfishing has been a bit disappointing lately, so much so I think many guys have lost a bit of interest ... myself included.

That said yesterday morning the sea almost magically was clean, Morne took the chance and was one of the few to get it good. He landed up with a shoal couta and a snoek.
The guys tried in the afternoon but drew a blank, and said that water had gone back its mucky state.

I spoke to Jaco Blignaut on the weekend and he said even the shoal was not good and was around the 20 deg cold side on the bottom. I did hear that Marcus Potgieter got some fish while fishing on the shoal tho.

Even the ski boaters are struggling up here .... a mate fished and said that they got a small tuna, and that was it.

The next few days will have a bit of swell with the swell really pumping over the weekend. I am not sure if we are going to come right at all.

On the other hand the guy in the cape have had some great diving. Leonard Van Wyk sent me some pics of a dive they did recently.
That's a good haul of Cape Tail!!

Hows this for clean water .... and its in the Cape!!

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