Sunday, March 14, 2010

Salty Divers Mini Apnea workshop & Free Diving Training with Centurion Freedivers.

Fernando from Centurion Freedivers doing some warm up excersizes, breathing apnesa and relaxation techniques
This past friday night the Salt Rock Spearfishing Club was treated to a mini apnea workshop & training session by Fernando from Centurion Freediviers. We did some basic freediving physics and physiology. Fernando also covered the basic saftey guidlines and practices. The practical started with some relaxation techniques and apnea breathing techniques. These were very in lightning and it will be good to go and implement these out in the sea.

Fernando instructing the Co2 and O2 tables practical session in the pool.

After we were warmed up and relaxed we headed to the pool to put into practice some apnea excersizes. We did static apneas using Co2 and O2 Tables, this was a real eye opener for most who very easily under Fernando's instruction broke there personal bests and reached each the taget times with ease.

After the pool session the guys and their wives enjoyed some drinks complements of SAB and a braai around the pool. A big thanks to Fernando for putting the training session and course material together and Princes grant for the use of their pool.


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