Monday, March 29, 2010

Jaco's BIG Day Out!

Jaco Bilgnaut with a +/- 30kg Couta

 Jaco one SA most prominent spearfisherman and a guy who has proven to be able to hold his own against the rest of the world & he ceases to amaze us. Every year there is another story of Jaco clapping some amazing fish .... and often in extreme circumstances. This day was no exception! A 27kg Couta (weighed gutted) and a 110kg Black Marlin ...on a reel gun!! You are probably wondering where? ...Well ..Where else but the Shoal!!

Any of those fish alone would be cause for celebration, but the two together! Oh did I mention he also got a 15kg Wahoo and 15kg Kingfish aswell that day.
Jaco and his 110kg Black Marlin Shot with a reelgun!

Apparently the Marlin took 2 hours to land as he plugged the thing with a reel gun! It makes you think he must have had a pretty busy morning ??

The whole thing was video taped and if you are like me I am itching to see how the whole thing went down.

So while the shoal couta are a no show ...well at least the rest of the sea is still kicking!

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