Monday, February 8, 2010

Rat Pops His Cherry

For some guys Couta are just a myth, eluding them on every dive. Well so it seems ... Rat has been one of those guys, its been a 2 cuta seasons and no joy. Well that was until this morning!
Rat and I took a chance after all the easterlies and thought we would just get wet, heading far up north we found a spot that did not look to bad and has a good rap for snoek. (Rats present forte')

The water was not half bad and we headed out to the deep. The current was reverse and it was very good for about an hour before the thermo-cline pulled in. We turned around and headed shallower to look for snoek and all of a sardine..... there are some Couta. I plucked one as it went under my flasher, Rat got one out of a shoal while sitting on the reef. I guess there is no better way to shoot a Couta than when you see them come in while on the bottom.
Rat Adjes 11kg Couta

Well congrats to Rat for 'popping his cherry' ... I know all his mates who also seem to be Coutaless are going to be frothing :-) 

I guess thats what makes this such a wonderful sport.


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Goog fishi! See my blog ;)