Wednesday, February 3, 2010

How To Comment on The New Fees Proposal

Hi Guys,

I have received the following from Richard Bruno head honcho at SAUFF.



This was sent to me by Glenton Kendrick (Club Captain NSBC; UWA Rep East Cape) 0824491096

It is imperative we all reply to the Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs.

Please reply in clear calm words and provide sensible reasoning why the increases are far too high and unfair.

Refrain from bad language, accusations and irrelevant ranting (we would all like to say what we really feel but DONT!)

We need to reply by the end of this month, FEBRUARY 2010.

You do not have to write a lecture if you do not want to. Even just one sentence will do.

Please also copy me in so that I have evidence of your comment as well as knowledge of

what your sentiments really are.


Revenue Management at the Department of Environmental Affairs

Branch: Marine and Coastal Management

Private Bag X2,



Written comments may be posted by registered mail to above address;

or faxed to 086 613 6256 ;

or e-mailed to

Everyone please respond to this, it will take 5min of your time. Even if it is as simple as:

Dear Mr Minister,

I simply cannot afford to pay these proposed fees for recreational fishing / spearfishing.

Please reconsider,

Mr Joe Soap
(obviously dont copy and paste this exact line)

We can make a difference!


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