Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Emil Pirzenthal's 63kg Giant Kingfish a Record?

Emil Pirzenthal 63kg Giant Kingfish - Caranx Ignobilis a Potential Record?

When it comes to shooting Giant Kingfish Emil is the man. Living at Umkomass he has the Shoal wired ... and the Kingfish too!
He is well known for bring home a couple Iggies over the 20-30kg mark at a time. Most of us would just be happy with one in our life times.

From what I understand Emil's strategy is to dive in the very late afternoon on the Shoal ... I am sure he also has the spots down pat aswell. Here is the think he actually targets these fish, just like we go and target Couta or Snoek! So I guess this is not one of those occasions where you say "lucky fish"

It will be interesting to see if this fish is recognised as a record? But from what I can gather the current Caranx Ignobilis spearfishing record is just over 65kg. Will have to go and check .....

Good fish tho!



Anonymous said...

Howzit Chris

Saw your post on your blog about Emil’s 62 kg fish.

The SA record is currently held by G Smal at 52 kg, achieved way back in 1997.

The world record is held by Travis Kashiwa from Hawaii at 65.4 kg.

This is a truly awesome fish from Emil. As you say, the Iggie King.


Azoresub-Bluewater said...

Good fishing! ;)