Monday, November 23, 2009

Packed and ready to go!

10 Bells and finally packed for Mozambique.
We are off to shoot another film up in Mozambique, it has been a manic last few days getting everything ready. Our trip will take us 20 hours in the ol Landy .... bring on the redbull!!

We have a tracking device in the boat so you can log in each day and sea were we are. We will also be trying to organise internet connection while up there sothat I can keep the blog ticking.

Log into:

The username: grm
and password are:  grm

A big thanks to the guys from GRM Technologies for sponsoring the tracking of the boat.

Off to bed for a couple zeeees


1 comment:

Dean said...

Watched you guys head out for a dive at 4pm while driving my desk,sick to my stomach !
Very cool to watch your journey on the tracker,hope you didn't have any super secret spots there though : )