Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Whats Going Down?

Well whats happening??? Nothing too exciting!!

We were hoping the surf would be cranking this  morning but it was a little all over the place. But it was good to get a paddle in.
On the Dive front there is, has and looks like there wont be anything happening for some time!
The sea is just not happy!!!

This is natures answer to the MPA!! I can remeber the one year not diving for 3 months in a row! And so I am resorting to putting up pictures of Naked Sexy Chicks with Spearguns like last week!!

But I hear the dive down at the Hole in the Wall is not too bad and so we will be trekking down there for the Boarder Open to brave the sub 15deg water!! So we wont be doing Salties Club nite this Friday..... we will have to do something exciting during the month.

Other than that ...zip zero squat nadda!

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