Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Syd's Bizarre Quad Surfboard

Syd's Cross breed surfboard ... old meets new!

I bumped into Syd the other day at Jono Huthinson's shaping bay and they were glassing up this bizarre looking board. It wasn't an egg or a pin tail fish like the Shaun Thompson ones that are popular. This is well just different. If I remember correctly the board is 5'4" and 20" wide.

I asked Syd if the board worked .. and on came a very animated explanation of how well the board worked. This is not his first one .. he had one made up a short while ago, but got nicked by an angry girlfriend! He must have really dug that board that she would be that jealous. .... but we wont go there!!

Is it an Egg, a Fish, a Quad ......??
Another thing that is unique about the board is that has been glassed using pigmented glass. It is how the guys in the old days did it, but it is a serious skill and a work of art. I watched Jono pulling the resin from the glass and meticulously ensuring that it was 100% even as it shows up all patchy otherwise. Freak its a mission, but the end product it out of this world. I think we have forgotten what a good board looks like, and we have gotten so used to the usual spray and sanded finish.
Anyway Syd is up at Ponta at the moment with his Zulu Surf Adventures and it looks like he will get some serious surf later this week. I am keen to hear how this new one goes and if he sends pics will post them for sure.
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