Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ultimate Spearfishing Magazine

Its been less than day since we opened the subscriptions for Ultimate Spearfishings Magazine, and we already have 80 subscriptions .... most of which came in the first hour of opening!!
The all african high gloss mag is the first dedicated spearfishing publication in many decades, and will bring all the spearo communities together  ..... something that will be an epic accomplisment.
So from Spearfishing to Freediving and even underwater hockey we hope to cover it all. The epic trips and success story's from your home dive spots, to the clubs and guys making a difference in the spearfishing community.
At the end of the day we hope to turn up the amp! Get the juices flowing and get a whole lot more diving in!!
The best thing of all is that we have found a way through cleaver number crunching and keeping our overheads low .... like operating out of a garage :-) to bring this mag to South Africans for free!!

All you need to do is full in this form below and Bobs your gran you get the Ultimate Spearfishing Mag to you post box for absolutly nothing!! Oh and just because we can ... we decided to give one luck subscriber a pair of Xfin blades .....So Tata Ma Chance!!

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Cheers Coatesman
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