Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Spearfishing the Eastern Cape

Terance Bellingan - a good Miss Lucy and a Poensie

I think us chaps up the north coast are seriously spoilt, I mean the water is generally warm and we can get some seriously good gamefish. Take the last few posts for example ... all very good fish ... and they are big!!
Then on the other hand you have the Eastern Cape, the water is sum what fridged and well you dont often get any big pelagics ... well other than Yellow Tail and Tuna. But for the most part its sneaking around the cracks looking for good reef fish.

Terance sent in this pic from a shore dive near Port Alfred, I must say if it wern't for the Miss Lucy and Poensie it could have passed for Mozam ... looking good, but just a tad colder! I have never dived Port Alfred, although I have surfed it and it has some epic waves. Another mate of mine did a surf trip there a couple years back, he took his dive kit along and when it went flat took a boat out to one of the spots.
He said the water looked clean but it was very gloomy .... apparently thats normal for there?
Anyway he said that on almost every dive he bumped into Raggies, and some of them he had to push off as they were quiet frisky!!

So I suppose we have it too good here ... I should stop complaining that the water is 20deg and the Cuta are scars!! Anyway nice fish Terance .... keep the pic's coming.



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