Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sardine Run - Spearfishing Action

The South Coast Vanguard and some Sardine Run bounty. 

After last years no show the Sardine Run this year has been with low expectation. Every time I have heard of the sardines making an appearance, I have kind of with half interest waited to see if there is any action on the spearfishing front. There were reports of sardines been netted off Pennington on Tuesday, and I heard of a number of guys packing their guns for an onslaught on Wednesday.

I did not hear any rumblings .... either it was quiet or the guys are keeping it quiet!! Well thats until Alistair sent me this pic of some healthy Cuta. So there were / are fish around!! Its just a real pitty the weather is up to maggots and the vis is not exactly shap!! Well who knows maybe the south coast is clean ..... but now body is telling! (North Coast is a murky 5m)

Sardine Fever!


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