Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Spearfishing Round Up

Proper sized Wahoo caught off Tiffanies!!
The past few days has seen some of the best vis on our coast this year. And best of all its been 4days and tomorrow still looks good. There have not been too many fish around, some cuta on the bottom out in the deep ...around the 25-30m range!! and some snoek also out in the deep ... they must be lost??
I have been spending time with Braidy looking for Garrick, we have seen a couple shoals but in the clean water they have kept their distance. A wahoo came out on a fishing ski off Tiffanies!!! Its not the first time this has happened ... but its not common. 
I have heard the Aliwal Shoal has had some good fish and Alistair from Extreme Spearfishing Charters got two good fish yesterday arvo.

Alisair 32kg Sailfish and 18kg Wahoo shot off  Aliwal Shoal

Anyway, I am sure we will start hearing of some action from down south soon with the Sards hopefully making an appearance ....

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