Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekend Big Surf

Da boys ...and girls enjoying a braai at Surfers Lane

Well the weekend started off with a beer and braai at the Lane .... and because the surf was pretty large and outta control it kinda went on all weekend.
Some guys hooked up on the Saturday and did one mean Peri Peri chicken & prawn combo, and Sunday was bacon & egg roles in the sun.

Its really good to see the guys hooking up, its been many many years since Ballito had a local crew that hung out together. And I am sure with the week of surfing that is ahead of us there will be a whole lot more.

The weekend did not end well for all though, some guys up at Vidal flipped their boat in some seriously large surf and one guy drowned. Its a sober reminder of what the sea can do ... and will do.
A pic taken moments before the ill fated launch at Cape Vidal.

So for those of you heading out to Cape Vidal for the Wahoo comp please ensure all your paper work and licences are in order. The officials there have been seriously on spear fisherman's cases lately. And with this incident it will be no surprise to have them all over you on the weekend looking for something to nail you on.

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