Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Epic Surfing at Sunrise

Ryan Belfore getting Sunrise ..... as good as it gets!

The last few days have been awesome!! The surf has absolutely gone mental, with Sunrise starting to show some real form. Monday and Tuesday were both well over head and so round every wave sent shivers down your spine.
The take offs were so insane but so worth it if you made it. One mate piped up"being in these barrels is spiritual ... " Seriously life changing!

I got may ass kick so hard so many times, but it was worth it for those steam train barrels. The freight train rip and impossible take offs also meant that must guys opted for Surfers or just to watch ........ perfect! it meant only a few guys out!

Anyway its all over, the swell gone and in its wake mostly just destroyed sand banks. The conditions still look good for the next few days but with out swell it going to be a next week before we surf again.

Anyway all good 

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