Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Braidy's Grunter and Tassel

Braiden with a Grunter and Tassel shot off Salmon Bay

We sneaked off at 4pm for a quick arvo dive off one of the points. I had heard the water was clean and with the high tide hoped to get Braiden in the sea.

Boulders and Bog had some guys out so we shot off to Salmon bay. The sea was alive with small fish and the vis was very good. Braidy shot a good Tassel out of a small shoal, and then shot a rather large Stumpy, but it rolled in the sand and got off.
We hadn't gone too far when some Spotted Grunter pulled in and he landed a good one.
After this we headed off the bricks to look for snoek but it was quiet. It was almost dark when we finally got back to shore, but it must have only been just past 5 bells.

Looking good for the morning.


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