Thursday, May 28, 2009

Whats up this weekend?

Snoek and Iggie a nice match for early winter.

Well its the weekend again and as usual the weather is going pear shaped! Saturday has a southerly that will keep us off the water and some swell to fit. So even tho the water is good its going to be tough finding a dive.
Last weekend miraculously came right and I got an Iggie and Snoek while looking for bugs. Its a bit strange getting an Iggie this time of the year, and is only my second one at Sheffield.

It must have been because I was wearing the new club shirt with new Iggie logo on!! check below!! Maybe there is some thing in the shirt??

The New Salt Rock Spearfishing Club 'Iggie' Logo

If you are a club member you can get one of these ridiculously cool shirts with logo front and back ..... for nothing zip nada. All you have to do is enter the Wahoo Winter Game Fish and represent the club. Easy?? Just drop me a mail and say you are going and you can collect your shirt ......... 'bribery and corruption'

That reminds me! Club nite next week is at the Wahoo comp anyway  ..... gee you think I am trying to say something?? Anyway moving along quickly Sunday holds some hope for a dive or at very least a good surf.

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Zane said...

Hi Chris
Looks like us spearos here in PE have the bad end of the weather. Not much diving of late in the murku Port Elizabeth waters. Nice fish you have there. I am hungry.