Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekends Spearfishing and Surfing Roundup

Well there is nothing wrong with a long weekend!! We dived on Friday and Braidy got his first bag of buggs ...see previous post! But other than that it was very quiet, some snoek came out at Westbrook and Craig diving La Mercy got a good cuta. But other than that the water turned green and cold and not much went down.

Saturday saw some really good swell and the waves cooked with the off shore pumping all morning!!

Heard via the via that the Port Edward Cyta Classic had some really good fish and over 10 fish were in the 20kg mark and the winning Cuta was over 30kg!! ......So thats were da fosh are!!!

Craig Harper with a fat pre winter 19kg Cuta.

There looks like there will be some southerlies towards the end of the week maybe we will get lucky next weekend!


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