Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Spearfishing News

Hey guys well the sea has been playing ball and there has been some diving all along our coast.
There are still reports of snoek coming out, I heard that the La Mercy & Westbrook / Tongaat streach was very productive on the weekend. 
This has to be one of the best snoek seasons we have had in years, I know loads of old times who are saying that this is as good as they have ever got it.

I think there are a load of newby spearfishermen who are are thinking it's too easy!! I know a bunch of guys who have gotten fish almost every time they have dived, and they have only been diving a year or even less!! I guess the season will pass and they will probably blame the long liners ;-)

Anyway its good to have the snoek here!! I have also heard reports of the odd Garrick been sighted or shot up our way. So they are on their way, and I am sure this will provid some excitment in the shallows.

I got this report from Darrel down south:

Well,with last week being a write-off with (November type North -easters), the swell finally flattened off a bit from this consistent 2m stuff (either i`m getting too old to swim it or its global warming effecting the swell size!) to 1-1,5m friday though with the low spring over the weekend it still made a hazardous swim over  the sandbanks with only 1ft of water to clear!! on the low tide.
Viz. Hibberdene side between 4-6meter on the inshore reefs and I heard there are now some garrick about. One fine (reportedly) 20 kilo fish was bagged at Ifafa on friday (according to Mike Smith) and two came out off Umzumbe Saturday and there are small-medium size snoek about. the few divers i spoke to got their bug quotas as it flattened out nicely yesterday on the high spring tide though the viz was still too poor to spot any snoek or garrick.
hopefully we get some good conditions now for June and July.
Just to let would be divers planning a dive down this side that car break-ins are out of hand, mine was broken into right outside my girlfriends place last week (i wasn`t even out diving) and it`s almost a guarentee if you are parked anywhere other than the main bathing beaches,someone should set a trap for these bastards as the cops and two security Co`s in this area dont seem to do s...t about the problem.
keep you posted

Anyway thats all for now catch up soon

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