Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Weekend Spearfishing Wrap Up.

You Got to love long weekends!!! Nothing overly epic happened but we got to dive and surf. There were a few sneaky snoek around once the vis cleaned up. The surf was small and fun and best of all it was a Monday and we did not have to rush anywhere!!

I heard that some nice cuta came out off Umhloti / La Mercy side. And a mate of mine even shot a Dagga Salmon this morning!! But he is not telling where tho :-(

This week looks good all week ... maybe just maybe it will turn on!

lastly anther mate while diving at Jex lost his FreeDivers Reel Gun. He said that some chap had paddled past it on his ski but thought that a spearo was with it. So if by some chance you were up that way or heard of some one finding a reelgun floating around please just give me a shout.


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