Monday, April 20, 2009

Surfing, Spearfishing and What Eva's Going Down

Well it was fine sun tanning weather this weekend ... there was some surf but nothing special & the dive was bleak. Well thats until at the last moment late yesterday arvo it turned, and Hogga the only human with sonar capabilities for hunting in bad vis smaashed some snoek.

The week ahead is looking good for a surf on Wednesday ... (we at this point would like to thank the ANC for organising a public holiday with pumping surf)
But from there on out it Poo Balls and looks more like a typical October week with easterlies screwing everything up. I do hope that is not a phrophetic of where the elections will take this country!!

On a lighter note ... if you are at all interested in the local surf scene: Jordy Smith came 3rd at Bells Beach in Oz and this puts him 3rd on the ASP tour! I dont think anyone from SA has been in the top 5 since Shaun Thomson's days!!!



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Anonymous said...

If the spear wound is not shown......(and why not) regard the fish as having been caught on a line.