Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Surfing and Spearfishing Lowdown.

Well the weekend had some waves and for those who ventured out for a dive also had some fun! Sunday was the day with the surf cranking in between the close out setts. As the tide drained we had some solid barrles .... Mmmmm bring on the winter!

I almost dived Sunday arvo but was rather tierd after my 3 hour surf in the morn and missed a very good oppertunity, as there were some fish around.

I heard the Shoal was nice and clean and the guys who were there early while the current was north - south scratched some fish. 

This morning the surf was pretty good, and as I am at my desk I am sure it is getting even better as the tide drains ..... I cant complain I had one two barrles and some cookers here and there. Better than a kick in the balls.

Other surfing news Kelly Slater has been knocked out of the Bells in Oz by 19 yr old Owen Wright!! Looks like Slaters 10th world title is going to be more dificult than he thought!

Other than that 

See ya


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