Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stolen Cars at Christmas Bay

Hey guys,

I just got a mail from Ryan Bermester saying his car got stolen while spearfishing at Christmas Bay.

How's things going, just wanted to warn you guys that my car got stolen from where we were all parked this morning, while we were at Umhali police station there was an Indian chap we meet whose car had also been stolen at around the same time as mine but from the other car park just further south where the big bend in the road is, so take care and let everyone know.

It sounds like a syndicate steeling the cars. They seem to hit the place for a couple weeks and then it cools off for a while. It would be interesting to find how many cars actually go missing there every year. I know the breakin's are something silly, the ground is continuously glistening with glass frost from broken windows.

What to do??


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