Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spearfishing Wahoo on Aliwal Shoal

The Aliwal Shoal starts to produce some Autumn Wahoo!

As we head into winter spearfishing Wahoo on Aliwal Shoal becomes the thing to do. The conditions need to be just right, the current north south and good vis of course. Guys like Alistair Louw, Basie are the locals in the know. They snuck in a good innings before the west yesterday and bagged 2 good sized Wahoo.

These guys always have their finger on the pulse, and score almost every time its on. Me on the other hand have had lemons every time I have been to the shoal.

I suppose that's why Alistair has been able to make a business out of spearfishing Wahoo on the shoal. His hit rate on picking the right days is mind blowing. Often one of the guys like Basie will be out on a scuba charter and see the conditions are good. A call is made and with in a few hours the guys are on it. But often by the next day it off again, it can be fickle. I suppose that's why I have never got it on. I always seem to go a day or two after hearing its on .... a kind of long shot!

It is probably worth your while giving Alistair a call -079 694 6765- and seeing if there is space on a charter or to organise one if you have 4 or 5 guys to chip in. My mate Wayne has scored every time he has gone with them, getting a sailly of 34kg on the one trip.

Other than that we will keep a look out for the late bus cuta here at home that make the odd appearance...

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