Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spearfishing Update

Well it was another fine day on the coast. The water was quiet nice but the fish have seemed to have taken leave. 
It also appears that the word was out, and or the guys have finally woken up to the fact that the dive was on. This made for a very busy ocean, all the parking lots were full and there were buoys every were.

I have even had some of the regular chaps phone and complain about the unruly behaviour of the boys from town. 

Generally when we see some one on a spot we go somewhere else ....bummer we lost out ...but there are other spots. There is no point in diving on each other. That way no one will get fish.
These guys this morning just totally ignored that fact that there was some one already on a spot. One guy called and said he had 3 guys surround him ....  all with in 10m of him?? I mean what is the point???

Anther favourite by the visitors is to is just down current of you ... in the line of the fish swimming up current. This is down right rude and unethical!

Any way that is my whinge for the morning ....



Anonymous said...

Well done to the Durban Boys for using their brains diving down current!! Dont you think it is crowded because the comp this weekend??? 70 spearos trying to see where the fish are??

Anonymous said...

whilst agreeing that the crowd behaviour is very uncool it must also be remembered that the townies have driven 70km to dive and many don't know about the 'other' spots they could go to. It's also been months since there was decent viz so expect a crowd

alan said...

Hi Chris,

Most spearos feel the same way about unruly divers. Sometimes words are exchanged and (mostly) someone has the good sense to stay well enough away. A little bit of ocean ethics goes a long way.

Tinus and I met James under similar circumstances, we shared a couple of words, sorted our lives out and now we're buds. Without wishing to sound a bit wet, a degree of respect in the water can even win you friends. I certainly try to avoid making enemies of local divers, how else can you get great viz reports? ;-)

We all know that a good dive is a relaxed (relaxing) couple of hours. Not possible when you're blood is on the boil.

I'll see you in the latter half of April. Hopefully we can dive together (just not too close, right?). Looking forward to your dvd, what news?.


Anonymous said...

Guys you would never come to durban because you would have to dive Blue lagoon or vegies that is what we got so expect the guys from town to hit your spots - i agree on diving eticate but as the 2nd poster said we have just spent money and time on getting there so if you are in the water sorry - You okes are getting as bad as surfers