Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Coatesman's Spearfishing 500th Blog

Well today's Spearfishing Blog marks a mile stone .. this is the 500th post on this site!! The first blob post was on 3rd January 2007 ...gee time flies.
And coming up with helpful current news related info has been a task ... made easier by you guys who constantly keep me up to speed by sending in pics and reports.

Anyway -  I have not posted since last Thursday, partly because there has been little to report. The water was pretty good up and down the coast, but the fish were very quiet. The throngs of snoek kinda disapeared and the elusive late summer croc cuta seemed to evade every one . Well almost! Markus Potgieter found a good fish in the arvo off sheffield, I on the other hand dived almost every day for a week out in the deep and only saw one big squat! And thats while the mates were still scratching the odd snoek in the shallows.

Markus Potgieter with a sneaky 19kg late summer cuta.

The west is blowing now and lets hope it turns things around, I got a report from a mate who fishes up in Zululand and he said this weekend the water was cold and there were no fish around. This is not good news as normally we are a week or two behind them. IE if Sordwana has very clean warm water ...usualy our water will also get warmer and clean ...with the right weather of course.

Any way thats all for now.


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