Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Spearfishing Update

Hey Guys,

The sea looked good for a dive this morning, but the wind and rain kept the boys in bed. I was just thinking to myself that if I did not live so close to the sea, I would be all over the dive this morning!
I guess you get a little jaded living where we live ..... but come next week after not diving or surfing for a couple days and the boys will be chomping at the bit to get in again.

The other reason for the lethargic behaviour is that fact that the cuta have not turned on propperly yet. When that happens ... when ... every one will be as 'keen as musterd'

The guys have been getting some fish out on the deeper reefs, I saw some pics of Corrie and another chap with 2 really big cuta shot off Protea Banks earlier this month. Gyula has also been spending some time out on the shoal as always and has got some interesting fish, including a Poensie / Black Muscle Cracker.

Anyway back home the weather looks to be turning nasty and the rivers have already broken out our way. So I guess its tarmac and the gym for the next few days :-(


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