Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mozambleak Lemons & Back to Work

Hey guys,

Complements or Complaints ....of the season! Getting back to work was worse than going back to boarding school!!

I am back ... I know I should have blogged earlier, its just that I have been wallowing in self pitty as our Mozambique trip turned out to be a Lemon of note!

When we got to the place we were straying the local 'Maritimo' informed us that they are no longer allowing any type of diving in the area. As the turtles can see you and that chases the turtles away! But you can fish if you want ???

So that was our spearfishing holiday down the tube .... The one holiday we have a year and it was a Lemon!!

Anyway the conditions at home have been verygood, but there have not been too many fish around! The odd snoek has been shot on the backline areas and thats about all.

The weekend looks to be ok ... hold thumbs!!

Chow for now


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