Monday, December 22, 2008

Spearfishing Holiday.

Well So much for diving everyday this holiday! The 2 or 3 weeks running up to the holidays were epic, the pressure was on at work and had a hard time balancing the two. So i tried to dive only every second day ..... I usually land up pretty useless after diving for a couple hours.

But now that I have the time the water is cold and green and the East is blowing again!! And then from tomorrow the south is going to pump. ... Sob and then when it gets good on Christmas Morning (and every one will be doing the Christmas thing, so the drop off will be crowd less) I will be stuck in the Berg!! (One day when I grow big and make the big choices ... we are not going to the Berg!!)

Alas! Redemption is near and we are going straight from the berg.. ok one nite sleep over .. and we are off to Mozam for 10days!

Cant wait


P.S - There is good news from up at Cape Vidal, they have sunk the second Barge. It is a little shallow and the top is in 15m. However the sand is at 20-30m so it could be a real great Cuta spot. The guys have reported some good catches from the other deeper barge already, including Tuna and Sailfish. Lets just hope that the 'Parkies' dont go and make it a sanctuary.

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