Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Public Holidays = Spearfishing Traffic Jam

Well the whole of Natal obviously thought that the only place to dive was the North Coast. You cant blame them the conditions have been great here and every one wants a piece of paradise.

I decided not to go too early but rather wait for everyone to get in first and then pick a quiet spot. There were loads of guys in at all the spots so I snuck off to a quiet little reef ...somewhere and bagged a nice cuta of 9.5kg gutted.

Not many fish came out other than a Dorado, one cuta and a snoek! (that I know of) And thats between a fair bunch of guys. So it is safe to say it is quiet.

The east is pumping now and is supposed to push through the nite, lets hope it backs off so we can get in again in the morning.

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