Monday, December 8, 2008

21kg Cuta shot with a reelgun.

This weekend was epic for Spearfishing, the conditions were great and most spots had very good vis. The early birds seemed to get the fish and some great fish came out, including some Wahoo off Westbrook. I even saw a pic of a 30kg Wahoo that was caught off a ski.

We headed north on Saturday and I got lucky with a 21kg Cuta, we thought the fish was bigger as it was long and had a huge head. But it was a bit skinny and only just made 21kg.

I took my lighty for a dive on Sunday off the stairs, we dived all the way out to 4th reef. The water was very clean, but it was quiet. We dived for 3 hours with Braidy landing up shooting some reef fish on the inside.

Its good to see the fish starting to come on ..... with some luck we will get some more good water and some good diving.
The long term forecast is looking great for next weekend.



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