Monday, November 10, 2008

Spearfishing Weekends Update


Well I never got in, but the guys did find some clean water down south off Umkomass. The KZN trials went ahead and some good fish came out in the mix.

What was encouraging was a report from some guys diving Aliwal shoal. They managed some cuta, a 20kg Iggie and a 30kg Sailfish that was swimming around a floating bag.

Some mates also just got back from a week at Ponta, were they battled for good conditions, but when they did get in they made up for it with some quality fish. From what I heard they got 3 wahoo just under the 30kg mark among some other really good fish.

Back at home the surf was pumping a solid 6ft and I got my ass kicked ... ok I was surfing a 5'10" twin fin!! I got some good barrels and some hair-assed takeoffs ....all good I suppose :-)

This week it will be Thursday before we get in .... the tides will be starting to get high in the morning by then so it will probably mean we will be diving if the water gets clean.

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