Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Spearfishing Update

Hey guys,

I got up early and was on the beach at 4am to find a solid 6ft swell running. Unfortunately the east was allover the surf and I landed up going back to bed.

The east has not pumped so I suppose that is a good thing, and I noticed that the Tongaat river is not flowing too strong so there is some hope. The bad news is that the east is on and off all the way til Sunday.

So be it I suppose!

I am still waiting for a write up from the guys who went to Tanzania, and will post it asap!! Morne and friends crossed the boarder into Mozambique this morning for a week at the Pinnacles! I am sure there will be a story or two when they get back.

Other than that ... the road is going to be all the action I am lightly to get :-(

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