Friday, November 21, 2008

Sailfish Spearfishing Record Broken

Sven Arro 51kg Sailfish - Pending Salt Rock Spearfishing Record

Sven Arro came seriously right a few days ago when he shot a 51kg Sailfish off Durban. The Sailfish was shot with a 1.2m speargun and it was on a reel!
Here is Svens account:

Enrico and I went out to No. 1 on Tuesday afternoon amidst the drizzle and mist to find some cleanish water. Viz was around 15 metres and fish were on the wild side.

My “shik-shik machine” brought in this saily that really didn’t care much about my presence and I was able to get a good shot at close range…so a shot was let off to the head area with my 1.2m reel gun. After that, it took about 20 minutes to subdue and place on the duck. Landed up weighing in at 51 Kilos.

Strange I had just put up the pics of the Indo-Pacific Sailfish when a mate sent the message alerting me that Sven had nailed a big one. The Sailfish is a pending Salt Rock Spearfishing Record, and will be a record that will be hard to beat.


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