Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekend Spearfishing Update.

Hey Guys,

The weekend started with a bang! Helen Garner came and spoke to us about Freediving and Breath hold, it was truly amazing. We had a full house at Club Nite and I think every one came away enriched or realizing how little we actually know about the sport we love.

I am going to be chatting to Helen about doing some more extensive training over some weekends ...should be the bomb.

The diving conditions were good all weekend, but there was not too much action. I did hear of some Snoek and Garrick action off the backline by one diver, I suppose that is too be expected this time of year when everything kind of happens on the back line.

I got a small Brusher this morning up against the bricks, its about time these fish started to make an appearance. And hopefully we will get some more before they disapear again.

This week looks yuk, easterlies and rough seas ..... I guess I will have to haul the running shoes out .....


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