Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Miss called the weather!

After not hearing too much about guys getting fish and the wind forecast showing southerly winds in the morning. I opted for a look and see approach with the possibility of surfing.

How bad that call was!!

The morning was a pearler and the sea was crystal clean, I did not have time to go home get my dive kit and still get in before work so I went for a surf.

The surf was not that bad, we had a couple fun ones. I was fairly content ..telling myself that the sea was quiet. That was until a mate called with the news that yesterday he had klupped the fish and was wondering if I had dived and to see if the fish were still on!!

All I could say was shot for the early call .. I would definitely have gone diving on that news. But no point crying over spilt milk.

The wind is blowing now and we might be able to get in tomorrow if it holds off. Friday morning looks good ..

We will have to see


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