Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Flipping Weather

It just does not seem to be giving us a break ... the weather that is!!
This morning the sea was clean but the lumpy swell made it very uninviting ....borderline dodgy!
I was hoping to at least get a surf in, but the swell had not settled and ...I am in the office early.

The next few days are a disaster!!
The east is going to start tonight push all through tomorrow, and then the south is going to pump for 2 days.
Sunday early seems to look like the conditions will be good, we will just have to watch the 3m swell that is predicted!
So maybe there is a chance??

On the blog side of things I recently added a facility to subscribe to this blog / news letter. I have been quiet surprised at the number of guys who have subscribed, and I think that its going to add huge value this site.

If you have not subscribed and are keen to get the mails just click the link below. Follow the 2 easy steps, and when you get the mail to confirm just click that link and you will be on the list.
(It might seem complected, but it only to ensure that mail addresses are not abused)

Subscribe to Coatesman's Freediving & Spearfishing by Email

Anyway lets hope this weekend comes right!!


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