Thursday, August 7, 2008

I should be Spearfishing!!

The sun is not up yet and I am sitting in front of my pc!!! And with today been the only guaranteed day when the sea will be diveable ...I am bloody mad! There is a south coming today and could push some swell for tomorrow, the weekend has strong southerlies and with a big swell building until Monday.

We will probably surf Monday morning with 3m plus waves, it will probably be all over the place as we normally need a day of calm winds to settle the swell.

Hey while we are talking surfing ...
I have recently started a new web page called "Resurrecting Bog Bay"
For years we have been talking about doing something about the rocks that stop the flow of sand into the bay. So here is a start, the site is dedicated to collecting info on the beaches before and after the rocks were put in almost 20 years ago ... freak that makes me feel old!!

Please take a look at the site, if you were around then or surf up the coast please join the site.
You get access to the forum and your own profile page were you can stick up pics and write your own blog.

But what I am really after is old pics of the beach and to try and get in touch with some of the older folk who used to surf there back in the day.

Go check out Resurrecting Bog Bay

There is also a link in the menu bar on the right ... below the ads ...

Any way thats all for now,


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