Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Beast from the East

Well we had a couple waves yesterday and the sea was not looking to bad for a dive. The swell was a little on the big side, but not undiveable.

Thats all over now as the beasterly easterly pumped yesterday and the sea is sh-mangled. And it does not look good until next week. ....Bloody Easts

I like to go through last years posts to see what we were doing the same time last year, it is strange how similar the days often are. Check it out August 2007

Anyway I will have to wait for some news from Oz or some lucky bum on a island some where. Come to think of it Scotty Rutherford is in G-land .... he took his speargun in his board bag!!! Maybe we will have some pics to show next week.


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