Thursday, July 31, 2008

Spearfishermans Eye Candy

38kg Cuta caught off the rocks in the Transkei

Eye Candy ... you can look but no touching!! Freak how is this fish! So there are some big ones out there, usually we associate big 35kg plus cuta with Oz.

Freak cuta destination ...Transkei ... who's keen. :-)
My luck I will get there and it is brown and full of sharks ....with a pumping wind.
Oh this pic is a bout 3 weeks old apparently we missed it!!

Back home the vis is still good but it has gottten very cold (for us) 19deg!! And the sea was dead quiet ..... West tomorrow maybe we will come right this weekend.


Hey dont for get Club nite ..... The breath hold workshop will start at 7:30 sharp!!

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