Monday, June 9, 2008

Epic Weekend in the Sea.

If you were not around you missed out!! ..straight!

Saterday has to go down as one of the nicest days of the year. The wind was almost zero the whole day the sea was clean and warm with a small clean swell running.

I took my lighty Braiden for a dive in the morning on the high tide off one of the points. The dive was really great. We did not see any fish but the conditions just made it a really good dive.

We then grabbed some pancakes before hitting the surf, it was perfect! Not to big for Braidy and big enough to get my old carcus moving. We surfed for about 2 hours went home and crashed. We woke up for lunch and went back down for another hour or so, and it was still going off.

When I got home a mate Glen called up saying he had shot a nice Cuta and wanted to weight it on the club scale. He came round and we weighed the fish, it was 16'4kg ...not a bad fish in any ones book.

The dive has been generally queit, but if you do get a cuta its generally a good fish. This fish was shot in only 8 meters of water near a drop off. There were apparently a couple fish in the shoal aswell. ...right place at the right time.

Hopefully the wind holds off and we get some waves in the next day or so.


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