Thursday, May 29, 2008

Spearfishing ...who knows?

Well the sea is still muck and a bumpy north swell is still running and will probably continue until the week end.
The south should come through on Saterday and that holds some of hope for a dive or surf on Sunday. Monday looks like it will be the bomb ....... might just have a late board meeting :-)

Hippo news is that it appears that our hippo has moved back north, this is good news as there are many more quiet spots where the ol chap can get out and feed. There are also acouple lagoons that might look inviting.

Iain Ewing 30kg Iggie shot at Nationals

Iain sent me a pic of his Iggie ..... nice one Spumbu!! Good to see the Salty boys with the 2 largest fish of the comp!! Thats what I am talking about!!!

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