Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Andy goes Big at Spearfishing Nationals

Andy Henwoods 35.5kg Wahoo speared at SA Nationals

Andy bust out last week at Spearfishing Nationals with this whopper of a Wahoo, unfortunately they rules they were using at nationals were still set with a max weight of 7 or 8kg. So Andy's fish only got him 7 points ... that same as if he shot a little king fish that was irritating him.
I know the rules are such to eliminate luck ..... I suppose you just have to be lucky to get close to a Big Wahoo and lucky to land it? ......... Sorry Andy you were just lucky!

Who actually cares? This fish is a bomb fish, Andy said that it was up there with shooting his Marlin, maybe even better. And if you were wondering it did not just swim right up to him. In fact that day the Wahoo were shoaling, and a number of guys got close to the shoal that was said to be over 50 fish. Funny how no one else got lucky??

Nice one Andy ...... you are tops in my book!

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