Monday, February 11, 2008

Spearfishing Update

We not too much happened this weekend. The dive was out due to a biggish swell and churned up water. We were hoping for some good waves, but when we got down on Saturday the tide was high and the swell was all broken up.

Iain Ewing Esq was up at Vidal and sent in this report:

Morning my good man.

Very quiet! Only got out 2 small kingies.

Two cuda came out the whole weekend, on fishing boats!

Very clean, south north and wind pumping se.

Still lekka to see the buss tigers on Oscars.

Did not launch ystd as wind giving it!

It does not look like to much is going on the 'good' weather side and we will have to wait and see if conditions are going to improve.


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