Monday, November 26, 2007

Weekends Spearfishing Up Date

It was a busy weekend.... and now I am back at work (its actually a whole lot less hectic)

Saturday had potential to be a good dive so my dive buddy Morne and I got up long before the sparows, and jumped in a one of our regular spots just as it was getting light. The water was rather miff so diving was not all that inspiring. Another mate came swimming past just as we were going to get out, and told us he had got some fish the previous arvo. So we stuck it out for a little longer before admitting defeat and heading back to shore.

It was a decent dive of about 2 and half hours so we had at least got our exercise for the morning, so we weren't too bleak about the dive. That was until we got back to the cars only to find Morne's window smashed. Xmas bay is notorious for these break ins.... not that it softens the blow. We must have disturbed them because they did not get to his cell phone between the seats. But they got away with his wallet with his drivers and all his cards some cash! Replacing the drivers license is the real hack, standing in the licensing office has to be the worst thing ever. So that was Morne's diving and surfing over for the weekend!!

Any way my day was very busy, had some work and then a wedding in the arvo. Some guys said that they got some surf, but I did not get close to the sea being so busy. With the wedding I got to bed rather late and when the alarm clock went off early. I was rather glad to hear the wind still blowing and the rain coming down, so rolled over back to sleep.

My family and I hit church and went and had a look at the sea around 11:30 hoping to take my lighty surfing, but the south east was starting to push and the surf was dismal. Rather exhausted we chose curry and dvd's over the cold wind surf.
Halfway through the dvd Steve Ellis calls me to ask if I was home and could he drop my new fins off. Stoked Xmas early!! He was in a rush to go and pick up his new born from the hospital and so he had not finished fitting the blades into the pockets.
Like a kid with a new toy I finished the job while trying to watch the dvd .... I don't multitask well, but got them done in record time. Now my amp to dive was right up, only thing was Morne had gone for a swim earlier and said the water was miff. I also wanted to get back to church for the evening service.

Too amped I grabbed my kit dashed out the door to go and find a point to dive off on the high tide, maybe the vis was ok for that? But driving along the vis did not look to bad, so I bolted down to a spot I know that a certain ledge at a certain time of the day seems to work. (sorry cant tell) Any way I had just over an hour, to dive! The fins were great ...(read more... Xfin) and headed out to the ledge. The water was as expected pretty miff, not that different to the previous morning. So I took a dive to see how deep it was and how far out I was. It was about 8m and I was a little to close in so I swam out some more. I dived again and hit the bottom, the vis was 3-4m at best and it was only 8.5m deep...... I had not swam out far enough. So you imagine my surprise when a Cuta swims up to me.

Christmas again!!! I nailed the cuta and no sooner had I strung the fish sorted my line out chilled a little I hit the bottom again. Only to see some fish overhead ..... damn the fish are ON! Slowly coming up under them I recognize them as snoek (I have a nasty habit of either spooking them or hesitating and missing my opportunity) This time ti worked I came straight up trying not to swim at the fish an allowing them to pass by until I was at their level. I then closed the gap and just as the fish started to move off it got nailed. Fish 2!

I sorted all my line and fish out again and with my heart still over excited I dived down. This time another cuta swims in ... a 'nice fish' its in mid water so I will had to swim up a bit, only to swim slap bang into another cuta which spooks and sends the other one with it.

I foolishly think that maybe the fish are deeper after a couple of dives don't yield another fish. But the deep was quiet, and I headed back to the ledge. I was running out of time and on one of the last dives a shoal of small snoek swam over head and I managed to get another fish.
So I landed up with a cuta of 9.2kg & 2 snoek 6.1kg & 2.7kg

Its so typical, the day you least expect anything to happen it goes wild!


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