Friday, November 23, 2007

Spearfishing .... Whats up?

Well I tried to dive to day, and the viz was pretty bleak to saw the least. I did get some exercise tho, there was something to smile about. I bumped into a mate of mine from town, and before the dive walks up to the car and hands me some dive gloves he makes. Stoked!!

We then fumble around in the 3 -4m vis, I tried to dive deeper but it was not so cool when you cant see squat. Any how we bump into each other at the cars after, and he makes a comment about how great his milk crate is and how it fits nicely into his butchers blik (large white crate). And asks me to keep an eye out for the milk crates as they are hard to come by. I reply something to the effect of "I don't have a blik they are hard to come by, I just dump everything in the back of the bukkie"

The long and short of it is he empties out his blik and hands it to me. Freak .... stoked, I almost took a foto to show what I had caught. Sad thing is it is the best catch I have had at home in a while. Any way I would like to say a Huge thanks to Sav for his kindness, its not every day you meet guys that are so generous.

So I hope Sav is blessed with many large cuta this season ..... a couple snoek will also be cool.



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