Thursday, September 13, 2007

Spearfishing Update

well not much on the Spearfishing front to update!! The water here just does not want to get clean. I went for a run along the beach front and there was probably just enough vis for a point dive grove, but thats about it.

I was looking at the water all depressed and was battling through my run with only the faint promise of getting fit for Mozambique as my motivation to keep going. When I stopped to ask an old man I see every day on the walking road how far he walks. Because every day I see this guy just walking. He pipes up,
"Oh 20km or so, I walk my dog for an hour in the morning, and then go for another 2 hours later. Today I am walking to Westbrook along the beach, its nice I will be the only one out there"
Gee and I am battling through a 5km slow run!!! Maybe walking is the way forward?? I know of a few divers who prefer walking for fitness than running. Its just the time thing I suppose?

Walk, run, gym or what ever its kind of that season. The sea has some issues its sorting out and I guess that forces us to aswell.

Damn I would rather be diving!!

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