Thursday, September 20, 2007

Cracker in the Deep

Craig Harper with a White Muscle Cracker

Craig Harper sent me a pic of a good sized Brusher (White Muscle Cracker). By the looks of the pic he speared this one out in the deep, with John Little. Brusher often shoal out deep and you can also find them in caves, shooting free swimming fish obviously being a little more difficult as these fish are very shy. ....... well at least the ones I have seen in the deep.

Good News the Salty-Diver site is back up and running. A big thanks to Clint from Wire Khaya for sorting the site out. We will also be doing some upgrades to the site soon so keep an eye out on the site.

Then just to remind you that tonite is the meeting to set up the North Coast Spearfishing Union in Ballito. If you have any questions or thoughts please give me a shout. (my email is above this post!)

The sea is still very miff and green .... I keep reminding my self the more the North blows the sooner the warm Mozambique water will come down. Had a mate call yesterday who has been away for a couple weeks ...maybe months, he was seriously bleak with the conditions. So when it does get good get in, as the sea can be miff for weeks at this time of the year.

Anyway see ya

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