Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Burnsy's Brusher

8.6kg Brusher - White Muscle Cracker

The water this week end just did not come right, but Burnsy managed to dig up a nice brusher off the shallows. Its a pity our Brusher and Garrick comp has not started as this would have been a great start to the Comp.

The Brusher and Garrick Comp will start next month, as we were needing to sort out somethings with our sponsors. And its just not as much fun with out prizes.

Its strange that the sea did not clean up on this last west and I hope that the next one will bring some joy.

Moreover the sea has been dead quiet, we went out to the shoal to film some sharks. The sea was a yucky green and after a couple drifts burling up a storm, not even a lone black tip came into sea what was up.

Its just that time of the year!

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