Friday, September 14, 2007

30 year old Fish!!

A 30 year old fish??? No not a fish fish, but a fish as in surfboard fish. I finally decided to break my strike on surfing (I was in protest to the crap banks, so have not surfed much this year), and went for a wave with some mates.

I was not at my place so I borrowed a board and suit from my mate and headed to "Luck Packet Reef" for some high tide shift peaks. After a couple very bouncy 5ft drops my mate snaped his board, so I went in and gave him his one I was borrowing. Truth is I was hammered from not surfing for all these months.

But while parking off on the beach another mate who I have not seen for ages choons "Ride this ... You will never break this thing!" (obviously does not know me that well) as he hands me a 5'4" flat red Twin fin shaped by Safari Surfboards long before the Boer war.

I was poked, arms like noodles and shoulders aching something terrible ..... but I could not resist. I grabbed the board and jumped into the shore break ...damn this thing could do with a few more inches to help my noodles paddle. Any way I eventually got the a peak and nabbed a peak. Might have gotten unfit ... but can still hook the bomb! Anyway this thing just took off, next thing I was laying down the most porno Shaun Thomson styled cutbacks, freak it was fun.

Its weird it has taken a 30 year old twiny to get my juices flowing again ..... hell yea!

On the Spearfishing site here is an interesting site to go and visit :
Its Gletwyn Rubidge's site from PE side ..... some interesting pics and info go check it out.

On the weather front things look bleak for this weekend, strong Beasterly Easterly's and then back to South West on Sunday, I just dont think we are going to come right :-(

Any way cheers for now.

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